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Q: Is your current approach to joint health achieving the level of satisfaction you want?

A: For different results you need a different approach - FlexSure is a solution from nature, based on cutting-edge science and research, validated in clinical trials.

Q: Are you tired of wasting money on Glucosamine and Chondroitin?

A: It's like the adage "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" - Feeding the body glucosamine and chondroitin everyday gets expensive and is inefficient. FlexSure works at the cellular level to help your body help itself. FlexSure is clinically proven to reactivate the body's natural ability to produce its own glucosamine, chondroitin and collagen naturally.

Q: Is it getting harder for you to enjoy the activities you love?

A: As your body ages, and with injury, your body creates a degenerative condition that can further reduce joint health, causing inflammation and stress, and increase the loss of muscle mass and muscle performance. FlexSure "switches off" the deterioration and "switches on" the repair process so that you can keep doing all of the things you love.

Old injuries rendered me stiff, sore and made getting around just too difficult. With FlexSure I feel younger and stronger; it is like I got my new lease on life. I used to be afraid of not being able to get around. Now I am getting around great and I'm not scared of getting older."

-Mark M.

I have made FlexSure a part of my daily regimen. I am a woman in my forties and I lead a very active lifestyle. I was feeling twinges and pressure in my knees. I feared that my discomfort would get progressively worse and prevent me from doing the things I love to do. So, I started taking FlexSure and within a couple of weeks, the pain was gone and so was my fear.

Thank you!" -Tara B.

I am a runner in my 50's. My knees were limiting what I could do. After being on FlexSure I am no longer sore, my runs are longer and more frequent. I have my lifestyle back!"

– Georgia P.

The composition of FlexSure, including medicinal plant extracts, vegetable extracts and an amino acid, is unique and deliberate. FlexSure is made from all natural ingredients that work together to provide a natural solution to joint discomfort.

FlexSure is the world's first clinically proven, natural joint health formula. FlexSure is unlike any other product in the market place. FlexSure represents true innovation by harnessing the power of nature to restore joint health and quality of life. FlexSure is supported by years of research that is cutting –edge, expansive, and unique. The studies show that FlexSure will switch on the body's natural joint repair process and help protect against further joint damage and muscle loss! So be Flex Sure and enjoy your favorite activities again!

  • Natural Ingredients to solve a scientific problem

  • Years of Research have Culminated in Scientific Breakthrough

  • Clinical studies conducted on Osteoarthritis patients showed dramatic pain reduction within 7 days.

  • Proven to Improve flexibility and Increase mobility

  • Reactivates the Body's Joint Repair Process

  • Restores Quality of Life

Traditional Clinical Research: Double-blind placebo controlled human
study for product effectiveness (pain, stiffness and physical
performance). Published in July 2012 issue of "Advances in Bioscience &

Metabolomics Research: Highly unique and expensive protocol
requiring complete biochemical picture of how a product's
ingredients/formula affects the body and its functions. Complete and
accurate safety profiling.

Epigenomic Research: Shows how a product influences the "switches"
that control the activity of specific genes.
Results published in BMC Complementary & Alternative Medicine
2011 11:66


  • FlexSure was significantly more effective than placebo in reducing pain and stiffness, and dramatically improved physical performance
  • FlexSure was safe, with no changes in laboratory & vital sign assessments
  • FlexSure had a rapid onset of action (7 days) with steady improvement upon continued ingestion


FlexSure is clinically effective & safe in the treatment of osteoarthritis using "gold-standard" criteria of clinical trials.